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Go from cereal for dinner to Family Hero with the support of other dads

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What We Dad Cooks Need To Bang-Out Healthy, Family-Sized Meals in Only 2 hours per week

  • Lazy Dad frameworks and techniques for shaving time in the kitchen so you can plan, shop and meal prep efficiently
  • Meal plans and recipe ideas so you don't have to stare into the fridge like a deer in headlights
  • Kitchen tips and hacks to make cooking more fun
  • LIVE cooking sessions over Zoom to master signature Dad Dishes
  • Community support of guys becoming Super Dads

Real message from a Dad Cook's wife

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

Who is this for? 

Any dad who wants to get more comfortable in the kitchen – newbs, pros, the "can only survive on cereal" crew are all welcome.

What if I'm super busy? 

We've got your back. Everything Is designed to fit real life. Cook-alongs get recorded so you can watch'em whenever you have time.

What if I'm vegetarian?

We focus on an omnivore diet. I put together a nifty substitution list to help you navigate ingredients to your dietary needs.

Can I cancel at any time? 

Absolutely! It's simple, zero hassle.

More questions? Hit us up at

Less than a $1 a day?

From meal plans, grocery lists, live cook-alongs, guest sessions, the fundamental operating system and a great group of guys.

A lot of communities are either free with almost zero value or hundreds of dollars per month… not here.

The Dad Cook Crew is a ridiculously low $12 a month (for now) – that's less a stick of gum per day.

No contracts, no pressure.

Join Today!

Words from Mister Branzino himself

You want to take back control of how your family eats. You want to protect your kids from unhealthy food.

I get it. I'm a dad and know how much chaos and stress cooking adds to our already busy lives.

This is why I'm Dad Cook. I want share with you my 21 years of being a home cook and a DadCook so you can bring more order to the kitchen and less stress to your relationship.

Why me? I grew up in the food industry, I've had food pop-ups, I've cooked thousands among thousands of meals for friends, family and now my little family. I know how to cook in such a way that's easy, fun and makes people want to go back for seconds.

I want this for you.

See you inside, Chef!

-Mister Branzino

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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LIVE Cook-Alongs (hosted 2nd Saturday of every month), Meal plans, Support from Other Dad Cooks and Lazy Dad Frameworks and Strategies for Cooking Delicious Meals Every Time

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$12 a month

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